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About Me

Dr Anthony de Pontes Mtech(Hom), CFMP, iris

I am a professional registered, classical and practical homeopath, running an integrative medical centre in South Africa.

I am a passionate homeopath and specialize in homeopathy, functional medicine, ozone therapy and colonic irrigation and incorporate iridology to assist with diagnosis. I specialize in female hormonal and menstrual problems, anxiety, depression, auto immune problems and children’s conditions (ADHD and behavioural disorders, allergies, coughs and ear conditions) as well as the topical and prevalent environmental toxicities of chemicals, hormones and heavy metals affecting our health.

Ever since a child, I was always fascinated with health and wellness and after school, it was straight to university to complete a 5 year Masters degree in homeopathy (MTech Hom) which included practical clinic work, basic medical sciences, where we were also trained in medicine.

Naturally, I am very creative and passionate and knew I would not survive in a regular dead-end job - I needed a purpose and found that purpose in making a difference to people’s lives. It gives me great fulfillment to be instrumental in the healing and growth process of my patients. To be a facilitator of someone’s overcoming -whether it be physical, emotional or mental healing.

23 years on and I am the proud owner of an integrative medical centre in Nelspruit, South Africa. Over the years and with continued education I have amassed a range of modalities and approaches in the clinic, which I incorporate with homeopathy as a mainstay. I am also a certified functional medicine practitioner (CFMP) and I am registered homeopath with the Allied Health Services Professional Council of South Africa.

My family only knows alternative therapies and I can proudly say that all 3 of my children have not had a prescription of antibiotics or vaccination while growing up. My wife had three healthy pregnancies and natural home births assisted with homeopathy and of course a midwife! Any childhood diseases my children contracted were quickly sorted out with minimal aggravation or discomfort with the use of homeopathy and other natural medicines. In fact, my daughter was saved an emergency appendix operation and pancreatitis due to homeopathic treatments and interventions. I pride myself in the fact that I always try to practice what I preach, having healed myself from epilepsy using homeopathy.

I am passionate about educating others on alternative medicine and heathy living, and enjoy giving educational talks to schools, corporate businesses as well as for organisations such as CANSA. I have treated many cancer patients undergoing allopathic cancer treatment and have successfully assisted them in handling the side effects of those treatments.

My profession is not a job. It is who I am. It allows me to reach out and give to others around me. It is a vehicle to touch lives and make a difference in a world filled with so many uncertainties.