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Meet The Team

Nelspruit Integrated Medical Centre & Spa

  • A refreshing natural way at looking at your health care. Ensuring that you get professional natural treatment from trained professionals in the homoeopathic and natural health field.
  • Building lasting meaningful relationships with our patients
  • Analysis and treatment using clinical and complementary approaches including iridology, and Estek complex analysis.
  • Natural Aesthetic non-surgical anti-aging treatments, including Mesotherapy and plasma skin tightening

Dr. Anthony De Pontes

Dr Anthony de Pontes- Registered homeopath and Functional medicine practitioner, with 23 years of clinical experience. Using homeopathy as a fundamental treatment approach he also combines ozone therapy, functional medicine and colonic irrigations to ensure quick long-term results in patient care. Specializes in environmental toxicity, male health, auto immune diseases and female hormonal and psychological health.

Anene Lombard

Anene is the Office manager and patient liaison officer. She is affectionately known as ‘the bull dog’ as she keeps all aspects of administration and patient follow up in good standing.

Susan Rabe

Susan is our colonic therapist, performing colonic irrigations and assisting with our ozone treatments. She is not just efficient, but has a heart of gold and lots of love for her patients. She allows you to feel safe and heal. A wonderful counselor and well loved therapist by her patients and fellow colleagues.

Jabu Nkosi

Jabu is in charge of cleaning and maintenance of the office and its equipment as well as being the dispensary assistant, ensuring our dispensary is well stocked and capsules prepared. He is known as ‘the man with a plan’. Jabu is a prayer warrior and leads prayer during our daily devotions.