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Aesthetic Consultation

We look at aesthetics differently

We don’t tell you what needs to be done. Instead we use your body’s own intelligence and the signs and symptoms it puts out to address your health issues related to Aesthetics. Using iris analysis we are able to determine which organs are malfunctioning and how that is affecting your skin, cellulite, stretch marks, sagging face as well as overall health.

This is all assessed in association with your lifestyle choices and how they positively or negatively affect your aesthetic well-being. We will address these problems on a systemic level with all relevant analysis procedures being performed as well as required tests being requested from the laboratory.

The relevant natural supplements and medications will be recommended to restore your health and vitality and consequently improve your aesthetic problems and inadequacies. In addition we will focus on the specific areas of the body that you would prefer to be improved (areas which are bothering you).

We will discuss with you where and what you would like improved on your appearance and also help you to develop realistic goals and expectations with our non-surgical, all natural approach to aesthetics. This will include a medical case history, analysis scanning, dietary suggestions, professionally prescribed homeopathic and herbal preparations, body measurements and medical photo recording.