July 29, 2020

Coping with Stressor of 2020 including Covid 19 mindsets

In our modern-day lives, we often live so far away from nature and her support systems, choosing to go for our hi-tech nonstop pressurised lifestyles. This ultimately results in a lack of health and vitality. We say, don’t worry we have the answer… We start taking medications as a way to numb the pain, whether it be pain pills, anxiety pills or anti-depressants. All of which, are mechanisms to override our bodies defence mechanism, like putting a cover over our dashboard when the fuel light comes on or putting our heads in the sand at any oncoming dangers or stressors our body is warning us about. We say we just need to be ok or survive until next week or until I get the job promotion or… Unfortunately, it is often too late as our vehicle runs out of petrol before we get to our destination.
July 8, 2020


ADHD- IT IS NOT NECESSARILY A CONDITION OR A PROBLEM WITH YOUR BRAIN OR THINKING! READ ON FOR ALL THE INFO. ADHD could almost be considered an epidemic in our schools today - the number of children on medication for learning and behavioural disorders is off the charts! Teachers and parents alike are struggling to keep control of the classes and ensure the children are able to effectively learn. Parents are often exasperated, struggling with the frustration of seeing their children just not ‘getting it right’, when it comes to learning and doing assignments, which should take about an hour, but instead find their child busy until 9pm at night. At the end of the day, the results are not favourable and learning problems are not improving!
June 23, 2020

Integrative oncology- marrying

Integrative Oncology Practice is not a very well-known term to the public who often relate cancer or cancer diagnosis to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery as a treatment. Cancer treatment is so much more than just chemo, radiation and surgery. INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY incorporates this and looks at the support of the entire system, not just the shrinking of the tumour. This is imperative since the state of the immune system is paramount to ensure the successful healing and cure of the body. Chemo and radiation by nature are immune suppressive and this is often why after a ‘remission’ diagnosis there can be a metastasis or cancer resurgence due to the immune system being damaged and unable to control the proliferation of new cancer cell production after the initial diagnosis.
June 5, 2020


We all initially were very worried about this mystery virus that was taking the world by storm, with what was put out there, making us initially feel defenseless against it… We were holding out all hope on a vaccine being produced. Please don’t wait for a vaccine to be your savior! Since the 2001-2004 outbreak of the SARS flu, they have been producing corona vaccines, which all failed with side effects, including the side effect of increased susceptibility to die from Corona infection if you have been vaccinated with a flu/Corona vaccine. This was confirmed by the high death rate from first responder doctors dealing with Covid 19, where it was mandatory for them to be vaccinated with the SARS vaccine back in 2013.