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Biopuncture is a bioregulatory therapy method in which specific biotherapeutics are injected into specific zones or points on the basis of conventional and functional diagnosis.

Goal of biopuncture:

Autoregulation (ARG)
ARG = the homeostatic mechanisms in the body are fully functional, which means that the body can regulate itself without any further treatment.

Local injections with ultra-low doses (ULDs).
Other products like dextrose and lidocaine can be used as additional tools.
Send a signal (stimulus) to the body to stimulate natural healing

Sports injuries - Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprain, tennis and golf elbow
Musculoskeletal pain - Neck pain and back pain, joint pain
Inflammations - Bronchitis, gastritis, cystitis, sinusitis
Allergies - Asthma, eczema, hay fever
Headaches - Migraine, tension headache, whiplash