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Online Consultations


‘This is how the homeopath connects with the client to determine state of health and assist the body to return to health’

A detailed consultation history is undertaken via a video conferencing platform which includes client homeopath interaction including questions relating to physical, emotional and mental components of a patient’s state of being. Based on the outcome of this (I encourage use of an intake questionnaire to speed the process esp. with e consulting.) you will be given appropriate lifestyle advice, dietary recommendations and appropriate homeopathic remedy to support your treatment plan and improve your vitality and well-being.

This first consultation can be real enlightening as the homeopath searches for the root cause of your problem. You often are amazed at the answers… things that you never really think about.

All consultations are private and confidential.

Please don’t stop any medication you are taking except under supervision of your medical doctor. If you need emergency care contact your doctor or emergency services. Homeopathy is used as an adjunct or support to general well being and health and not to treat or diagnose a specific disease unless to Introductory consultation

  • Your 1st consultation: £120 ($175) 60-90 minutes
  • Your Follow up consultations: £75 ($115) 30-45 minutes
  • Acute consultation: £35 ($45)- if something comes up between consultations and you would like a remedy to help with the acute situation.


  • Homeopathy is both a science and an art. The practitioner has to interact with the patient holistically on all levels - physically, emotionally, and mentally. They have to understand each other and a bond of trust must be built. This is to better understand the patient, to know what makes them tick - how they relate to their environment, to their family, to their jobs and to their creator. (CLICK FOR MORE) The practitioner needs to discover the root causes of the illness, then be able to lead the body back to health with the stimulation of the homeopathic medication.
  • I like to empower the person to be able to take responsibility for their health condition without fear. I teach them about the rules and pathways the body follows to get sick or get well. These are LAWS and everybody follows these pathways. It is affected by diet, stress, environmental toxins, to name a few. I endeavour to help them build faith in their ability to get well, to hold their hand in the process and give encouragement and direction to a point where they are strong enough to take responsibility and not make health decisions based on fear, but rather on faith. (CLICK FOR MORE) Homeopathy is about understanding what your body’s defence mechanism is saying through the symptoms you present with. i.e. interpreting your symptom picture. I use the bodies detoxification organs to dump toxins and thus release inflammation to allow the body to heal at the appropriate level of health. The homoeopathic medications supply the stimulation and energy to the body to be able to heal. Once you begin to understand how your body is ‘wired’ we can work with your body’s defence mechanism to return you to improved levels of health, even possibly ones that you thought were not obtainable


After your consultation you will be emailed your personalized treatment protocol, which may include the following depending on what was discussed in the consultation.

  • Suggested behavioural and lifestyle changes for improved health
  • Homoeopathic remedy prescription, how to take them, when to take them, where to buy them etc.
  • Other herbal/ nutritional supplements that may benefit your case.
  • Possible suggestions for further lab testing.

To ensure continual positive outcomes, it is essential that I have regular feedback from you, regarding your symptom changes, healing crises and emotional releases (homeopathy is a powerful medicine). It allows you to feel confident, secure and enables me to better guide and support you. So don’t be shy! Get on the WhattsApp or email and keep in touch. It is important that you feel in control of your health, so use this service to your benefit between consultations.
  • • A reminder will be sent to you for a follow up consultation booking.


Generally, results can be seen within 5-45 days depending on your specific state of health.

The following factors must be considered:

  • How long you have been suffering with the chronic condition (decades, years, months, weeks or days), usually for every year of your condition it can take about a month of retracing and reversal of symptoms for cure.
  • What organ system is most affected (nervous system, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system) Nervous and endocrine disorders are more serious and can take longer to heal than say musculoskeletal conditions.
  • How long you have been on allopathic drugs for your condition (1 week course of antibiotics or 10 years of hypertensive medication). Long term medication side effects and enzyme changes take longer to resolve then acute duration medication.
  • How congested your detox organs are with toxins. Chronic intoxication with metals, acidity and broken enzyme pathways take time, energy and resources to reverse.
  • Cases where there is long time emotional suppression (humiliation, anger, unforgiveness) can take a while to unravel, but results start and emotional changes are seen by the client in radical ways.

A few examples for you to get a better idea what can be expected....


A client consulted with chronic indigestion and heartburn, bothering him for 2 months, aggravated when he slept, without relief from regular treatment. I discovered that it began after an incorrectly treated flu. With a prescription of probiotics to repopulate the gut and an appropriate homoeopathic remedy, he had relief in 3 days, with absence of heartburn after 7 days. A quick response.


A client consulted due to long time lack of energy and fainting for 2 years. After clarification of anaemia due to low iron levels she was supplemented with iron, but it was noted that she suffered with adrenal fatigue due to recurrent stress in her life. After the second consult she admitted that she had hostilities at home and that the stress was all based around marital issues, where she felt she could not express her feelings to her husband regarding the manner in which he had mishandled the children. A prescription of a herbal iron formula with appropriate homeopathic remedy for supressed anger, allowed her to regain her energy after 3 months and again be able to tend to her home - something she was not able to do for the last 2 years due to illness.


A 14 year old boy with ADHD type symptoms, unable to concentrate and distracted from homework, which would take the whole afternoon to do 30 minutes of work. He is very shy at school and gets easily angry when he does not get his way or is contradicted. He has been on Ritalin for 2 years and has not grown much. Prescription: Granny was advised to reduce screen time on all electronic devices as the blue light from the devices impede thinking by disrupting production of neurochemicals in the brain. The boy was given a homoeopathic ‘Ritalin detox’ and an appropriate homoeopathic similimum remedy, with suggestion to eliminate gluten from his daily diet. At follow up the granny said that within the first week of treatment he was a lot more relaxed and his bouts of anger were greatly reduced. Within a month his concentration had much improved and he had grown 2 cm.


These are homeopathic remedies chosen on the symptoms of your last consultation and need to be taken over the next couple of weeks. It will be emailed to you.
  • You have the choice of obtaining them at your local homoeopathic pharmacy, or you can purchase them directly from my homoeopathic dispensary to be couriered to your address.
  • I will make suggestions where you can purchase your remedies and the directions on how to take them.

  • Purchasing homoeopathic remedies, depends on your location: USA

    Use Source Homoeopathy

    UK Helios Homeopathy Ltd
    89-97 Camden Rd, Tunbridge Wells
    Kent TN1 2QR


Take your remedies on a clean mouth. (after sucking the pillules under the tongue or dropping the liquid on to your tongue) wait at least 15-30 minutes before consuming food or drink.

In some individuals mint and coffee can antidote the effect of the medication, so don’t medicate just before or after brushing your teeth. Storage of remedies

  • It is important to store the remedies in the right manner for long life and effectiveness. Do you know that the original remedies made over 200 years ago are still effective as they were stored correctly under correct conditions?
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and strong odors such as essential oils.
  • Keep out of reach of children in a cupboard.