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Research Studies

Thyroid dysfunction study

Thyroid disease is steadily increasing, possibly due to high levels of environmental toxins in our environment inc xenoestrogens, heavy metals, pesticides and excess halides. Conventional treatment is not very effective or curative for this condition resulting in substandard outcomes and side effects. Long term homeopathic treatment has in the authors experience been shown to lead to regular thyroid function if used in a chronic treatment regime.

What are the objectives of this study?

  • To show a positive effect on thyroid dysfunctions using homeopathic treatment incorporating Homeopathic detox therapy treatment protocols.
  • The use of homeopathic treatment will have a beneficial effect in the management of thyroid dysfunction, according to :
    - Barnes temperature test
    - and a subjective thyroid questionnaire.
  • Offer an adjunct to regular pharmacological treatment of thyroid dysfunction to improve treatment outcomes.

The study will consist of:

  • Four monthly consultations with the homeopath
  • The consultations will be by Zoom call.
  • Prior to each consultation the participant would need to complete 5 days of daily temperature measurements
  • Barnes Temperature chart
  • Patient subjective thyroid questionnaire
  • Bi monthly notes/ diary entries to be kept for discussion at consultation. You will provide feedback between the consultations (by email) about changes that occur

Costs involved

The costs for the study have been discounted by 65% to £240 or $300 (subject to rate fluctuations).

Inclusion Criteria

1. You need to have a diagnosed thyroid problem
2. Participants have to be between the age of 18 and 60 years.

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