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Auto immune disease

 A great many people may share a rather diminutive opinion of the real medical value of Homeopathy. I was possibly one of these, tending to rely on the “quick fix” of mainstream medicine, without further thought to possible side effects or long term irreversible effects of these procedures. One day, several years ago, I developed symptoms which required draconian interventions in my opinion. I was advised by several medical practitioners that this was the only remedy and they clamoured to get me to commit to this. To cut a long story short, I decided to look at other alternatives and in the process made the acquaintance of Dr De Pontes. From the outset he displayed a true concern for my situation and was sure that he could treat the illness through Homoeopathy. Never did he give me false hope or try to pretend that he could cure the symptoms with a couple of pills. That it has possibly taken a longer period of time, in that many facets have had to be dealt with individually, the overall outcome has been very successful. I would unreservedly recommend Dr De Pontes as a person and as a medical practitioner. The quick fixes of today's medical fraternity hold no match to the holistic approach of Homoeopathy.  
Malibe Eunice
 Dr Anthony De Pontes is humble with good doctor-patient relationship. He’s professional, strategic, has good listening skills. Encourages openness and supports his patients accordingly. His staff members are welcoming, kind and helpful to the clients. The environment is clean well arranged with helpful information on strategic places. I visited his surgery on the 3rd June 2020 after I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in July 2017. I had many complains and some of my investigation high. I was told there was no cure. Doctor De Pontes gave me hope, he said my immune system will be back to normal. He communicates his assessment and management according to his plan. Now I’ve improved with less complains and lab investigations improved too.  
 We (myself and children) have visited Dr de Pontes a number of times over the last few years since moving to the lowveld. He has been phenomenal every time. He always gets to the source of the issue instead of just treating the symptoms. He has his patients best interests at heart, assessing every emotional, mental and physical aspect so that the solutions are that of an overall holistic betterment. He has been a true support in our journey to wellness. 

Endocrine / Reproductive

Jakkie Kruger-Landsberg
 The honest raw truth about the power of homeopathy I went to Dr de Pontes four years ago, I was extremely anxious, depressed and was close to a nervous breakdown. I was on alopathic psycosis medication for anxiety, namely urbanol, alzam, fluoxatine, paroxatine, I was over weight due to all of the medication, and eventually I got serotonin syndrome. I tried everything and were at ends meet. My mother took me to him due to her strong belief in homeopathy. Dr de Pontes weened me of my alopathic mental drugs and replaced them with powerful herbs and homeopathy. After sticking strictly to his herbs and homeopathy I became the anxious free, strong woman I am today. I lost 22kg without even trying. He assisted with chinese natural acupuncture which made a huge difference on my system and created immense calmness and inner healing. Dr de Pontes have helped me with various ailmenst such as, anxiety, depression, detoxification, digestive problems, brain fog, sport injuries such as my knee, he assisted me with the lower back pain I had after giving birth due to my epidural I received and even assisted with my C-section scar. Dr de Pontes always gives his undivided attention to me making sure he gets to the root of my problems and illnessess. Most of our illness comes from our emotional state, this is where dr de Pontes is an absolute expert in his trade, he helps you dig deep and to find the origin of your emotional imbalance which triggers our physical illness. Dr de Pontes is an excellent homeopath. He has extremely modern technologies which he uses to make sure you get proper treatment and diagnosis. Meeting him has changed my life, my perception and my ability to belief in myself again. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves with the correct guidance of natural remedies such as homeopathy and acupuncture. Our bodies and systems were created with a beautiful, super intelligence to be able to heal themselves. But unfortunately with today’s modern day stress, poor diet and exposure to all sort of toxins it has become more diificult, but by the help of dr de Pontes we have restored my body's rythm. If you are serious about your health, get in touch with this amazing doctor. Remember, health is the new wealth.  
 I came to Dr. De Pontes hopeless and miserable and suffering from reoccurring UTIs, acne and exhaustion. Conventional medicine had given me antibiotic after antibiotic which covered the UTI problem for a short time but only made things worse in the long run. I was struggling as a wife and a young mother and was fed up. I had looked into and used homeopathy and had been successful, even with my small knowledge so I knew it to be useful and powerful but… I couldn’t have imagined how it could change my life! From my first consultation, I could see I was in good hands. Dr. Anthony understood me and my life. He listened patiently to me and got to the root issues, things I had left buried for years, thinking they no longer affected me. He has been professional and considerate with me, talking through things that are difficult to share. At times I have needed sound advice for personal growth. It takes understanding and experience to tell a person hard things but in a gentle way. I am so grateful for the advice he has given me and the gentle way in which he has given it and his patience with me. He makes you feel comfortable and safe and then surprises you by giving you a remedy that fits so perfectly it gives you an eerie feeling. I’m a homeopathic nerd; I study up on the remedies he prescribes and I’m often blown away by the way it fits me.. even the stuff maybe I forgot to say and he nailed it! How did he know? I guess it’s because he’s an expert. My journey is not done. I have more healing to do BUT 6 months in I can say my life has changed in a miraculous way. I came to him for physical issues and they have been greatly improved but what I didn’t expect was how it would greatly improve me emotionally and spiritually. My marriage is happy and peaceful and I feel myself becoming a real mother, two things I longed for so much. My husband was so impressed by my transformation that he has started consultations with Dr. De Pontes too! If I had read this a year ago I would have thought I was a crazy lady. Those little pills can’t do all that.. can they? All I will say is, our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. Healing is possible.  
 Dr De Pontes introduced me to the technology and the benefit was only realized when I could not loose weight no matter what I tried…the monitoring aspect of the ESTEK was able to indicate why my prescription was not working. We concentrated on the insulin resistance and I'm now feeling wonderful with no more mood swings and have started to loose weight.  
 I have been on chronic medicine for diabetes, asthma, blood pressure for years, and all the time feeling breathless tired and nervous. All the doctors I have ever been to have lead me to believe that I will need to stay on all the medication indefinitely without improvement. Using the ESTEK monitoring feature I was able to see huge improvements in my cardiovascular scores, I'm feeling better and breathing better as well 

Gastro intestinal

Angela Bartman
 I had a stomach problem for over 3 and a half months. Prior to coming to Dr Anthony De Pontes, I was prescribed Antibiotics and told eventually that I would have to swallow the camera to see what the problem was. This was costly as well as being in COVID time, decided against it and decided to consult with Dr De Pontes. I was given medication all natural and within two weeks managed to get it under control with his knowledge and experience he saw the issue and was fantastic at getting to the root of the problem I highly recommend him as a Homeopathic Practitioner  


 Being 46 years old, has come with a surprise or two. One of which, was a subtle change in my hormones which has begun to creep up on me. I did not realise that my moods, sleeping habits, sex drive and memory were a result of hormone change. I put the changes down to stress at work. I decided to go visit Dr de Pontes after these symptoms got worse. Shockingly, I found out that I was perimenopausal and I was treated homeopathically. Within a week I found that I was able to function better. My sleep patterns improved, energy levels changed and sex drive improved. I felt I was able to speak about how I felt more easily and handle difficult situations in a calmer manner. I felt understood and found that Dr de Pontes took his time in getting to the root of the problem. I feel like a have a new lease on life and know who to trust in future with any ailments that may pop up!  


Colleen O’Farrell
 My name is Colleen O’Farrell and I am 61 years old It is never easy putting life’s dramas into words with all its ups and downs. I started working when I was 15 years olds always stiffing to give a 110% as 100% was never enough as my life pasted me by in work and more work until I was 59. I found myself alone and sick beyond what I could understand with doctors telling me I should be dead with a blood pressure of 305 a kidney that was dying through a blockage and a heart attack. Doctors wanted to put me in ICU to control my blood pressure and then remove my kidney, I knew that I could not let this happen but how to change it how to understand what was happening to me, me that never got sick, how to come to terms with this unforeseen illness that hit me like a ton of bricks in a space of months. I was sure I was dying and would not see my 60th birthday when I heard about a Homeopath medical center in my home town which is where I met Dr Anthony De Pontes, I was a wreck and on the verge of giving up when Dr De Pontes did his test and asking a lot of questions of which I had not been asked by my doctors years and years of my drama filled life just came pouring out without me even realizing that it was the first time I had told anyone let alone a doctor what happened to me. Believe me I don’t like doctors and i hated all the medication I was told I had to take and then another pill for another problem cause by the first load of pills. I wanted it to end and came very close to ending it myself as my health just got worse when Dr De Pontes sat me down and explained what was happening to me and most importantly why it was happening frankly I was blown away and cried like a baby because here was someone that understood without me having to tell him. For the first time in my 60 years I understood by I worked myself nearly to death and why every court up with me all at once. It has been a year now and I have never felt better and more alive, my kidney is doing well, (odd way of putting it but true) My Doctor who always makes himself available to help and do research concerning my problems helped me understand my health problem and how it was linked to my body and mind. In saying this I cannot change the world but I can tell my story in order to help others through a doctor of alternative homeopath medication/therapy and his caring which saved my life and changed my life for the better.  


 I have been a diabetic for 15 years and have suffered with non healing ulcers, which no doctor has been able to help me with. The ESTEK was able to localize that it was the sympathetic nervous system that was causing the problem, which was aggravated by my habitual coffee drinking. I look forward to seeing the improvement with this small change. 

Malignancy / Cancer

Stuart Mclean
 The beginning of this year I discovered that I have stage 3 Melanoma. I was shocked because I always regarded myself as a healthy person. I was referred to a government hospital, Groote Schuur, in Cape town where I had surgery done to remove the melanoma on my back. When I woke up I discovered that the glands under my armspits have also been removed. The Dr. suggested that I receive chemo and radiation, but they failed to schedule an appointment for me this year (as a result of Covid) and made an appointment only for next year March. Although I am not pro chemo or radiation, not receiving treatment made me very anxious. During lockdown we moved to Nelspruit. My daughter suggested that I should go and see Dr. Anthony De Pontes. I am so grateful that I made the decision to see him. Dr. De Pontes looks at your overall health and his treatment is not only focusses on the physical side, but the mental side as well. I started a series of treatments which includes ozone treatments and his prescribed treatments. I've since then had two rounds of blood test done and I am very pleased with the results so far. I'm feeling great and extremely positive that the treatments are working for me. Our family friend, who is a GP, had a look at my blood tests and compared my initial test with my last test. She is also very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Anthony and am grateful that our paths crossed, even more so that I did not receive the suggested treatment from Groote Schuur. The cherry on top is the wonderful support I receive from him and his staff who always follow up on how I am feeling.