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1Aesthetic Facial Anti-Aging
This type of mesotherapy hydrates, restructures and plumps the skin while providing it with essential nutrients and anti-oxidants which nourish and preserve the skin offering patients a natural, progressive and cumulative result. The skin is softer, smoother, more radiant, has greater elasticity and plumpness, while fine lines and wrinkles appear to be reduced. This is best suited to those that have already started aging and have facial degeneration (wrinkles and sagging) as well as those who want to keep their faces young and vibrant looking before the aging sets in.
2Aesthetic Body Mesotherapy
This mesotherapy is performed on the body and shrinks the fat cells, improves venous and lymphatic circulation to the area, smooths out lumpy cellulite (by removing fat, fluid and toxins trapped in the hardened connective tissue fibers) and firms the skin effectively- without any downtime. It is painless, more effective and safer then liposuction - a process whereby fat cells are removed from the targeted area forcing the body to store fat in fat cells present elsewhere in the body. This can alter the shape of the body unfavourably.
3Smokers Lines
Rewind time by getting back those plumpish beautiful lips, do away with the ravages of age and banish those smokers’ lines forever with a hydrated natural looking mouth area.

This treatment is specifically designed to treat those fine (peri-oral/mouth) lines commonly referred to as smokers lines.

It involves the use of world renowned SimildietXtra range which effectively utilizes biomimetic peptides to improve collagen production immediately, while the homeoopathically prescribed product works in the background to ensure extended effect so smokers lines do not return.
4Acne & Scars
Although acne is most commonly associated with teenagers and hormonal changes, it is actually a systemic problem and is prevalent in adults. Once we balance the hormones with homeopathic and herbal preparations it makes it so much easier to reduce outbreaks of inflammation and infection. Extreme effort is taken to ensure that the liver is functioning correctly.

Our formula for success consists of the following:
  • Mesotherapy injections using homeopathic preparations to the affected area.
  • Anti-Oxidation oil applications which prevent re-infection of bacteria and increase oxygen levels.
  • Scarring is reduced and improved with high quality cosmetic products from Spain. Further assistance is given systemically through creams.

  • Homeopathic and herbal systemic treatment is administered to specifically strengthen the constitution of the individual and possibly down regulate the excessive hormonal stimulation of the hair follicles.

    Usually results are dramatic and the patient not only comments on the skin improvement but feels better generally.

    Products Used: Silico org, Graphiteshomaccord, basic anti-aging, traumeel, chondrotrophin
    No. of Treatments Needed: 4-8 depending on the chronicity, with improvement seen after the 2nd– 3rd session.
    Treatment Duration: 15-20 minutes, every 2 weeks or 1 x month as improvement occurs.
    Other Recommendations: If related to hormone imbalance then it is advised to use our homoeopathic hormone skin balancer in conjunction.

Also known as ‘adiposisedematosa’ in the medical field, and as orange peel syndrome, cottage cheese skin, hail damage, and the mattress phenomenon in colloquial language, but however you look at it, this is dreaded by most women.

It is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance, most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs, which usually occurs after puberty.

Why Cellulite Happens

Beneath the skin are columns of connective tissue which support the area of skin, but when these areas become imbalanced due to excess fat cells which begin to bulge through these fibrous columns, then cellulite arises.

Other factors that are linked to the formation of cellulite include:
  • Changes in metabolism
  • Dieting too hard or too much
  • Changes in connective tissue structure
  • Hormonal factors cause the body to store extra fat in areas like the buttocks, legs, thighs, hips and even stomach. Hormone levels are elevated during pregnancy and peri-menopause.
  • Genetic factors - Chances are, if your mother had cellulite you will too.
  • Even if you are predisposed to cellulite, you can minimize its appearance by maintaining a healthy weight, eating properly and taking care of your skin.
  • Toxin buildup - The body stores toxins to some degree, but, when there is an overload of toxins, they get stored in and around the fat cells, forcing bulging to occur more than it normally would, if toxins were not present..
  • Lifestyle - A high-stress lifestyle will cause an increase in the level of stress hormones which have also been associated with the formation of cellulite.

Products Used: Lipotrophin, Hepheel, Metabolites, co enzyme comp
No. of Treatments Needed: 4-8 sessions depending on result required
Treatment Duration: 20-30 minutes depending on area size, weekly to monthly with improvement
Other Recommendations: Drink 2 litres of water daily, ensure liver is detoxed.
6Sagging Neck, Double Chin & Jowls
As you age, one of the most striking features is a sagging neck or turkey neck which is prevalent, as you might notice the skin around your neck becoming loose and saggy. This can be seen in several manifestations, namely:
  • Sagging neck- loose drooping skin around the neck with vertical wrinkles
  • Double chin- excess fat in the chin and neck area
  • Sagging jowls (loose skin around the jaw line).

There are many aspects which affect the wrinkling of the skin. Environmental factors, such as too much sun or smoking can cause cellular damage and wrinkling. Other causes are loss of muscle tone and the natural loss of subcutaneous fat that occurs with age.

Mesotherapy combined with the specific treatment protocols for different types of sagging and wrinkles and using natural collagen stimulating products is an effective non-invasive treatment to reduce sagging, increase skin tone and skin tightening - ultimately making the face look decidedly younger and refreshed.

Products Used: Muscle big, face anti aging, silico org, DNA
No. of Treatments Needed: 4-12 sessions depending on age of patient and oxidative damage
Treatment Duration: 15-20 minutes 2 x monthly
Other Recommendations: Consider our holistic body stimulation treatment and facial pressure points / exercises to naturally tone and lift the face and neck. Chemical skin peels.

Dynamic Wrinkles - Occur when we are young and make facial gestures, but our skin springs back to its original position. As we get older these dynamic wrinkles stay on the skin and become known as static wrinkles. Static Wrinkles – stem from dynamic wrinkles and are wrinkles due to lack of elasticity of the skin caused from:
  • Sun damage
  • Smoking
  • Genetics
  • Poor nutrition
  • Prolonged dynamic wrinkling

Static facial wrinkles are visible regardless of muscle contraction; they stay (hence the name “static”) even when the muscles are not contracting. This happens as we age. The natural substances that provide the skin with structure and volume decrease. These precious substances include: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Examples of wrinkles include:

  • Frown lines: between the eyebrows
  • Worry lines: Horizontal lines across the forehead
  • Crows feet: Lines extending from the outer corners of the eyes

    Medically prescribed skin care regimes using topical creams and ointments such as Vitamin C serum, are good to restore and maintain the skin’s youthfulness.

    To keep your face looking refreshed and full of life, use quality skin care topicals (retinol, sunscreen, and antioxidants) and regular monthly mesotherapy treatments.

    Products Used: Xtra face lift, basic face anti aging, silico
    No. of Treatments Needed: Approximately 8 with maintenance and results seen from 2nd session
    Treatment Duration: 15- 20 minutes, 2 x monthly
    Other Recommendations: Combine with our homeopathic connective tissue simulator
These are often due to sagging of the underlying facial structures, most notably causing the deep grooves between the nose and mouth.

Examples include:

Naso-labial folds or smile lines.

These can be camouflaged temporarily by plumping up the groove from beneath with mesotherapy injections, made from collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium derivatives.

Products Used: Xtra face lift
No. of Treatments Needed: 4 -8 sessions with improvement from 2nd treatment
Treatment Duration: 15- 20 minutes, 2 x monthly
9Skin Pigmentation
Three types of pigmentation damage are noted:
  • After sun exposure or tanning, our skin increases melanin production as a form of defence against ultraviolet rays. This can manifest as “sun damage” and “sun spots” or freckles, usually on the face and the back of the hands.
  • Pigmentation occurring after an inflammation such as acne, eczema or a trauma known as post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.
  • Chlorasma or Melasma - “mask of pregnancy” - which often occurs after pregnancy or from the use of oral contraceptives. It looks like a patch of pigmentation found on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Contributing factors are hormonal changes and sun exposure.

Treatment includes a systemic balance and detox of the hormonal system with homoeopathic and herbal medications. Treatment using Mesotherapy injections are used, incorporating a combination of the Simildiet range of hyper pigmentation lightening products. It will also include an injection preparation serum and cream, specifically designed to reduce oxidation, sun damage, inflammation effects and hormonal causes.

Products Used: Xtra- lightening
No. of Treatments Needed: Approximately 4-6 depending on severity and causation, results are seen after the 4th session.
Treatment Duration: 15- 20 minutes
Other Recommendations: Increase anti-oxidant rich foods
10Peri Orbital Odema / Puffy Eyes / Dark Rings Under Eyes
Bags under the eyes make you look tired and lifeless. One must check out the more common causes of puffy eyes before going for aesthetic treatment - these include: allergies, thyroid and kidney imbalance, crying or high salt diet.

Dark rings under the eyes are due to the bluish colour of the blood vessels shining through.

We advocate mesotherapy which improves circulation and promotes collagen growth and skin thickness. The Simildiet range, incorporating a lipotrofin, silico gel and anti-aging component, will improve problems with the fat pads and increase the collagen deposition, thereby tightening and toning the eye area.

Products Used: Condrotropin, DNA
No. of Treatments Needed: Approximately 4-6 depending on severity and causation, results are seen after the 2nd session.
Treatment Duration: 15 - 20 minutes
Other Recommendations: Consider our holistic body stimulation treatment and facial pressure points / exercises to naturally tone and lift the face and neck.
11Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are due to a tearing of the connective tissue of the body in pregnancy or during rapid growth, weight gain and scarring injuries. It can occur anywhere on the body but most frequently where fat is stored, including the abdomen, breasts, upper arms, thighs and buttocks. They first appear as red or purple superficial scars that over time become white.

Mesotherapy is very effective at eliminating the scarring with the use of the Simildiet range of the ‘Anti stretch mark’ injection ampule and ‘Climisam’ cream used with a superficial chemical peeling.

Products Used: Silico org, Xtra stretch mark
No. of Treatments Needed: Results are dramatic in 3 months with weekly or bi-monthly treatments
Other Recommendations: Use of associate Simildiet products and personalized homoeopathic prescription used to shrink the scarring and feed the connective tissue.
12Hair Restoration
Hair restoration a treatment providing essential nutrients that nourish, regenerate and stimulate dormant (not dead) hair follicles, prevent hair loss and care for dry, delicate and devitalized scalps. It is used where there is a stress related condition, systemic malnutrition or hormone imbalance related hair loss.

Products Used: Xtra Hair restoration
No. of Treatments Needed: Between 6-8 depending on age of patient and how much hair loss has occurred.
Treatment Duration: 20 minutes
Other Recommendations: Mesoinjection into the stress acupuncture/ bio puncture points to stimulate circulation.
13Weight Loss
Products Used: Lipotrophin, Hepheel, Co enzyme comp, Muscle big, Condrotropin
No. of Treatments Needed: 8 – 10 depending on degree of obesity
Treatment Duration: 20 minutes per site, 2 x monthly
Other Recommendations: Drink 2L water daily, high fat low carb diet