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Weight loss

Weight loss is more than just about looking good, but being overweight is associated with an increased risk of health problems including, high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoarthritis, fatty liver, chronic kidney failure, restrictive lung disease, cancer, depression, chronic fatigue and premature death!

So if you are ready and committed to make positive changes in your lifestyle and diet, we can offer you one of several programs, personalized to help you attain your goals. Our weight loss programs not only promote weight loss, but also allow you to achieve your optimum health, wellness as well as quality of life.

There is no faster way to safely lose weight than with the guidance of a physician. Our weight loss programs may include a period of rapid weight loss in the initial stages (detoxification) , followed by a transition into a maintenance and lifestyle mode that can be easily followed at home.

We use a combination of tried and tested methods that are individually chosen for the patient according to their:

  • Constitutional tendencies
  • Endocrine imbalances – thyroid, adrenal, ovarian, pancreas
  • Toxic profile- how effective is your body at eliminating fat (may be too toxic to release the fat)

Weight loss programmes we advocate include:

1) Ketosis fat burning weight loss

    Most of our nutrition comes from GMO foods and foods that have been packed full of sugar or chemicals that cause insulin resistance, for example glyphosate. This prevents your body from attaining a healthy metabolism and instead you slowly but surely keep storing fat and gaining weight. Further, due to the confusing labeling of food products and many people not being aware of all the sugar that they ingest, chronic disease affects them with inflammation being the biggest problem. Over the last 100 years sugar consumption doubled from approximately 40 kg p.a. to 80.6 kg p/a. per person, due to insulin resistance. Using excess sugar as fuel, your metabolism soon forgets how to burn fat as it is exposed to high sugar diets. With the successful use of the ketogenic diet, we are able to promote weight loss in a relatively constant healthy manner with no cravings, emotional outbursts and relapses. Once your metabolism is fixed, your health also improves as you are steadily able to lose weight without being starved for food. The ketogenic type diet has the advantage of not only promoting loss of fat, but also reduction of inflammation and chronic disease processes including cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. You don't have to worry about feeling hungry, your energy levels are continually high with good concentration and cognitive function. Our programmes are personalized and involve adding certain homoeopathic protocols and herbal adaptogens to make the keto adaption easy. We guide you all the way. Further, all cravings and blood sugar swings are controlled with our specifically designed natural products (containing no drugs or hormones) enabling the patient to feel good and at the same time lose weight.

2) Weight loss for metabolic problems (includes post pregnancy)

    A large percentage of patients today suffer with thyroid, adrenal and pancreas problems which ultimately lead to their overweight or obesity problems, and this programme is designed around the endocrine system as a causative factor. Often there is an underlying copper toxicity which leads to hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance. Using specially developed herbals and homeopathic stimulators to gently and effectively build and re-balance the hormonal cascades to encourage your body to produce the hormones naturally and thereby achieve homeostasis and a more balanced desire for sexual intimacy. Your mood improves and any depressive symptoms vanish.

3) Weight loss due to stress and depression

    High levels of stress and depression can lead to weight gain. Stress related patients have high cortisol readings (struggle with losing belly fat) due to an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system- these patients are forever in a survival mode, with little sleep and usually very unbalanced diets.

    Depressed patients have low serotonin levels and due to the emotional imbalance are prone to emotional eating which leads to increases in weight.

    Treatment is centered around reducing stress levels via certain homeopathic medications, adaptogentic herbs, neurochemical balancing via amino acids and changing lifestyle factors that lead to the stress situations.

4) Weight loss where lifestyle factors need changing

    Mostly centred around balancing the diet, increasing sleep and balancing physical exercise times. This is for people who find themselves too busy to take care of themselves due to the unbalanced lifestyle. This is a long-term approach with behaviour changes, once imprinted lead to slow steady weight control.

5) Combination of the 4 above

    This is where the ability to take every patient as an individual case and combine the supportive aspects from each approach to best serve the patient for fast effective long lasting weight loss.

    Our programmes combine individual treatment with protocols that go to the heart of the weight gain problem and help ensure that your weight loss is constant and regular once the causation is addressed.

    DIAGNOSTICS - Determining what class of weight loss you will best be suited for, choice of diagnostic devices to determine specifics especially if due to diabetic tendencies and cortisol excess.
    MONITORING - Taking of body measurements, weight and photographs for before and after purposes. Follow up with diagnostic devices allows us to determine to what degree your body is changing/ improving
    TREATMENT - a combination of dietary advice, lifestyle changes, herbal and homeopathic medication, ozone therapy to support the body into being able to shed the unhealthy weight.

Call us to schedule a free 10 minute WEIGHT LOSS consultation to see what options are available, and we'll be happy to explain, in detail, our holistic weight loss program.